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Scrap Data Cable

In the past couple of weeks I have warned builders not to skip data cable as it is just as valuable as any other household cable, unfortunately I was too late and they had already paid to skip it.

The above picture is an example of the type of cable we buy, if you look closely you will see C5 written on the cable this means  Cat 5, We also buy Cat 6, We pay 80p per kilo = 800 Pounds per tonne.
Fibre optic data cable has no copper inside therefore has no value, As a guide fibre optic cable is usually orange and has writing to let you know that it is fibre optic cable.


WEEE Recycling – Electrical Waste Disposal

Electrical and electronic equipment can no longer be disposed off with your general waste or recyclables. All WEEE items must be recycled by an authorized facility for recovery.

WEEE items include non-hazardous equipment such as toasters, coffee machines and kettles, IT equipment, CPUs, laptops and mainframes etc. We offer WEEE collection and disposal services.

We specialise in making your life a lot easier by taking care of all your waste removal needs for you in an environmentally friendly manner.